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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How far in advance should I schedule an appointment?
A: It is best to schedule your appointments well in advance as evening and weekend spaces do fill quickly. We recommend that you call or email us to schedule your services, please provide several dates and times that would be convenient.

Q: Is Massage therapy covered by insurance? Is medical massage tax-exempt?
A: At this time most insurance carriers do not cover massage therapy. However, if you have a Flexible Medical Spending Account through your employer or a Health Savings Account, massage therapy can be reimbursed. Check with the administrator at your place of employment for requirements.

In Ohio, massage therapy sessions can be exempt from sales tax if you get a prescription from your physician, chiropractor or dentist. Please ask for a referral form at time of booking.

Q: What training and licensing does my practitioner have?
A: All services are provided by experienced, skilled, and licensed holistic health practitioners familiar with our philosophy of integrating health and wellness, our massage therapists are licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio and are members of the American Massage Therapy Association. Our personal trainers are certified by the American Council of Exercise and are members of IDEA.

Q: How long do your services last?
A: Most of our services are offered in 30, 60, or 90 minute increments. Please see service descriptions for more information.

Q: How early should I arrive for my appointment?
A: We recommend that you arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to ensure that you receive your entire session and have time to fill out all required paperwork. We are unable to make up for lost time if you arrive late.

Q: What if I am running late?
A: Your session begins at the time of your scheduled appointment. If you are running late, we will gladly provide you with the remaining treatment time. Unfortunately, we cannot make up for lost time. We encourage you to plan accordingly so that you are able to receive your full session.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Some of our services recommend loose fitting clothing. Please inquire at the time of booking.

Q: Is There Suppose To Be Pain?
A: Massage on healthy tissue feels good. As your body becomes relaxed, pressure may gradually be increased in specific areas to relieve muscular tension. Because everyone has a different tolerance for touch, it is important that you communicate immediately if you feel any discomfort. Your massage therapist will not be offended if you ask that the pressure be adjusted to your preference level.

Q: What to Expect After a Massage
A: Massage can be a deeply relaxing experience that can affect all your body systems. After the session has concluded, and your therapist has left the room, give yourself a few moments to reorient before slowly rising from the massage table. Many people report freedom from long term aches and pains developed from tension or repetitive activity. After an initial period of feeling slowed down, people often experience increased energy, heightened awareness and greater productivity that can last for a few days.

Since toxins are released from your soft tissues during a massage, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water for 24 to 48 hours following your massage. Sometimes you may not feel dramatic results right away. Watch for changes over the following days, such as pain relief, increased mobility or reduced stress. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may not have thought of during your visit


Massage Therapy & Bodywork Can Benefit:

Pulled Muscles Rotator Cuff Injuries Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Promote Healing in Strained Ligaments Increase Circulation and Blood Supply Improve Energy and Alertness
TMJ Disorders Back Pain Boost the Immune System
Sciatica Neck Pain Lower Blood Pressure
Repetitive Strain Injuries Improve Flexibility and Range of Motion Improved Fitness and Performance
Plantar Fasciitis Headaches and Muscle Tension Enhance Circulation
Whiplash Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Increase Serotonin Levels

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