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After massage and bodywork sessions, clients are often kind enough to share their feedback.

Massage Workshops

“Learned a lot about myself that I didn’t expect!”
— Karen G

“Donna is very approachable and knowledgeable – I loved it!”
— Linda S

“I enjoyed the hands-on portion of the workshop; the techniques were clearly demonstrated and well explained”
— Mari W

“This workshop was very informative & eye opening – I had no clue it would be this fun! Wish we would have done it a long time ago”
— Tom W

Inside Out Wellness

“This workshop was thought provoking, makes one think of things I never thought of before”
— Debbie G

“I like the small class size and group interactions. I learned how to listen to what my body is telling me”
— Jill H

“This was a fun, informative and relaxing way to spend my evening”
— Amy P

“This workshop makes you reflect on your lifestyle and help to make more informed choices, it was fun and informative”
— Chris E

“We covered a lot of useful information, in a three hour period, that I can take home and reflect upon, looking forward to a follow-up session”
— Robin P

Massage Therapy

“I appreciate your ability and flexibility to listen and understand my concerns and try to find ways improve them”
— Rosemary M

“Donna’s consultative approach has been very valuable and important, in helping me understand how my body communicates and self-care techniques I can do between sessions to help”
— George A

“I am 82 years and utilize massage therapy for stress relief and achiness in my joints, I always feel more relaxed after my sessions”
— Bob B

“One thing I have learned over time by getting massage on a regular basis, from Donna, is that the point of pain may not be the source of pain. As a result my body awareness has increased and I feel better”
— Kay P

“By getting massage on a regular basis I have learned how connected by body is and there are different techniques that can be used to reduce the pain and tension in my body”
— Joe K

“I appreciate Donna’s holistic approach, she takes the time to listen to me prior to each session, explains the goal for the session and helps me become aware of how my posture may contributes to the muscle tension I am feeling and self-care techniques I can use between sessions”
— Lisa D

“Over time I have learned if my body hurts, it is telling me something. I initially started massage therapy for back pain, now that my back pain is gone. I look forward to monthly sessions for relaxation and to keep my body healthy”
— Bill L

“Thank you so much for the wonderful massage. My head, neck, shoulders, and back have been pain free for almost three weeks. I have a sticky note next to my deck reminding me to have good posture, and to breathe lol”
— Leighanne M

“Hi Donna, I completed my ~12 mile training run this morning and wanted to report that everything went well. The results from yesterday's massage were remarkable, considering the hamstring issue I had from last week's run. The muscles were much looser to start and I had no issues during the run (and was able to even maintain my normal pace). I also felt good after the run and stretching. The additional exercises you showed me were very helpful as well. I feel much better heading into the AF Half-Marathon in two weeks”
— John K

“I received a gift certificate from a friend for my birthday. I am extremely ticklish and was very reluctant to schedule an appointment. Donna took the time to talk with me and adjust the pressure as we went along. To my surprise the massage left me with a general overall feeling of peace and quietness inside of myself that I did not expect”
— Jill S

“After a long stressful week at the office I treat myself to a massage on Fridays”
— Sharon B

“Donna is an amazing masseuse! As an actress with a touring company keeping my muscles loose and in shape is imperative to my performance. I had intense pain in my back and Donna was able to zero right in on the area and gave me tremendous relief. In just a few sessions I was pain free. I highly recommend her!”
— Cindy B, Les Miserable Touring Company

“I never believed in massage and my wife kept telling me I should try it. After one of our big snowfalls last winter I had to shovel us out of our street. The next morning I awoke with an incredibly sore back and couldn’t move very well. So I tried massage and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I am an engineer and things need to make sense. Donna took the time to explain what she was doing and why. This information helped tremendously, I am now a believer.”
— James T.

“This is the first time I had a chair massage and what an awesome experience it was… it felt wonderful and was very relaxing”.
— Loretta C.

“We attended the couples massage workshop and loved it! The material was well written and easy to follow. Donna is a good communicator and the workshop was a lot of fun.”
— Sue and Dave C

“I started getting therapeutic massages after my car accident in which I incurred a whiplash, which left my right arm numb, and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with it. I felt relief soon after I started massage therapy and continued for 5 years. I suffered a second injury in which I was diagnosed with 2 cervical injuries and stenosis. The doctors recommended surgery, a very invasive procedure in which 2 discs were removed and a metal plate screwed to hold my vertebra together. I was very scared! I continued massages with Donna. Not only did she continue helping me, but also introduced me to chiropractic care. Nowadays, my arm is not cured but I am healthier with reduced pain. I will always utilize massage therapy and chiropractic care since surgery is not an option for me.”
— Wilma B

“I have known Donna for a long time and I am blessed to know her both personally and professionally. Donna gives a new meaning to massage therapy. Her hands are healing, her heart is caring, and her tenacity is not to stop until she figures out where the discomfort is coming from and how she can figure out how to relieve it. Her massages are individualized; you will never find two of her massages being the same. Once you get a therapeutic massage from Donna, you WILL return for another session.”
— Victoria B

“Small changes can produce big gains in overall well-being.” — RP

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