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Health & Wellness Coaching

What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

Health Coaching

Health & Wellness coaching empowers you to take responsibility and make a positive difference in your health. Whether you want to start a new exercise program, build self-esteem, improve balance & flexibility, lose weight, develop healthier nutritional choices or address the nuances that come with getting older and wiser! We can help!

We partner with you to evaluate your current situation, and then propose a plan with tools to support you in achieving the attitudes and behaviors that are beneficial to your success.

It is also important for us to understand your goals, motivations and values. We review that information in our initial assessment then identify potential obstacles and implement supportive strategies to create the momentum to move you forward.

Health coaching and education is a particularly effective tool to create new healthy habits; increase self-confidence; reduce the (fear) negative impact of beginning a new exercise regime, aging, and chronic medical conditions such as, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.

Coaching sessions are conducted by phone or in person in Dayton, Ohio
Sessions are 30-45-60 minutes, depending on your goals, preference and schedule.
Plan to dedicate at least three months to health coaching, as changes take time to “stick.”

Our clientele range from young adults to seniors; each program is designed specifically with YOUR goals in mind.

Wellness Workshops & Classes

Wellness Workshops

Inside Out Wellness

Takes you on a journey of self-discovery for optimal health. This program is designed to help you determine how your body processes what you eat; identify offending foods that may be causing chronic health conditions such as sinus issues; joint pain or headaches; then gives you the tools to take an active roll in your health and make some positive changes to address them.

Sparks of Knowledge for Healthy Aging

How does involuntary chronic dehydration affect your long-term health? In this program we take a look at the body from a manufacturing perspective and look at the fuel it needs on a daily basis to operate the body’s 11 systems efficiently to be fully functional and healthy over time. We then show ways to implement this information and improve your own life.

Massage Workshop

Designed for those curious about massage therapy and the health benefits it promotes. This hands-on approach will walk each participant through proven massage techniques and discuss how your environment and activities affects your body.

You will learn and practice massage techniques you can use in your home, covering the upper body and lower extremities. We discuss how to determine correct pressure, proper body mechanics, verbal and non-verbal communication and when it is not advisable to get a massage. Each workshop is individualized as we discuss specific techniques you can use pertaining to the needs of the participants in the class.

Group discussion and participation is encouraged.

Stress Management Workshop

Developed for the proactive individual. This workshop will make you aware of how you perceive stress, juggling work/home environment and unforeseen changes that happen from time to time. We discuss how those challenges can affect, your health, job performance, attitudes and well-being. We then address ways to reduce that stress and tension to become more positive and productive.

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